Solutions Architecture

We understand that your business needs to deliver results quickly while your solutions need to be architected for the long term. Our expertise in system and software architecture and our knowledge of how businesses operate across industries allows us to bring a unique blend of solution architecture that takes into account long term technical goals with short term business drivers, allowing for extensible and flexible solutions that deliver value to your business quickly.

System Architecture

Integrating disparate enterprise systems is our specialty, and our experience designing enterprise B2B platforms, internal auditing systems, and complex payroll systems has taught us what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s modernizing decades old legacy systems to work in a SOA or web API environment, creating brand new easy to use front ends on top of existing systems, or designing new methods for old standards to work on modern devices, we’ve successfully designed and implemented solutions for all of these complex problems. We understand scaling, efficiency, and performance, and will design your system to exceed your expectations.


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Application Architecture

Enterprise applications, web applications, or desktop applications – we have you covered. We understand how to design applications to fit your business and technical needs, using technologies that make sense for the scope and scale of your problem. Building an internal application on a low budget that will be used by a dozen people? We’ll recommend designs that don’t need to be as extensible or scale as well but are more cost effective, and recommend a corresponding technology that works well to implement that design. Creating a highly interactive consumer facing application? We’ll design with scaling and latency in mind, and recommend technologies more suited to interactivity. Whatever your application is, we’ll take your requirements, both technical and business, and design a solution that fits them.


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Data Architecture

Our background in relational and non relational database technologies allows us to architect the right type of data model for your problem. We stay on top of new trends in data architecture and will bring to bear the type of data storage and data model that makes sense for your specific problem. We know one size does not fit all, and so we’ll take into account your technical desires as well as your business drivers to come up with a data solution that delivers what you need within the parameters of your requirements and budget.


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Mobile & Embedded Architecture

Our extensive experience with mobile device platforms as well as legacy embedded systems allows us to architect solutions for any resource constrained system that optimizes the capabilities of the platform. From set-top box platforms to iOS and Android, we can help you design a solution that is performant, extensible, and maintainable.
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