Strategy & Intelligence

Business Intelligence Dashboards

We create comprehensive yet easy-to-use dashboards to increase your visibility into your business. Dashboards allow management teams gain deep insight in order to make strategic decisions in nearly real-time. Our dedicated and experienced team of BI experts can help you identify, create, and configure your desired dashboards.


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KPI & Analytics Development

Each e-Commerce business is unique and every business evaluates its performance by a diverse set of key metrics.  Our experts can help you leverage deep industry experience to identify and understand which KPIs should be tracked, reviewed, and optimized regularly.  We can also help you streamline, integrate, and unify your complex backend databases, data warehouses, and siloed information.  Once unified, we work jointly with you to develop a strategic action plan monitor and grow your business.


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Competitive Intelligence

Our extensive experience in eCommerce enables us to provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of industry best practices. Our team of experts can analyze your e-Commerce business and benchmark against the leaders in your industry segment. Our broad experience across industries and e-Commerce models often becomes a competitive advantage for our customers strategic plans.


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Technology Roadmaps

Our expert knowledge in software architecture and development combined with our extensive understanding of eCommerce enables us to work closely with your engineering teams to design tailored technology roadmaps per your needs.

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Training & Consulting

We design, develop, and deliver a wide array consulting and training programs for our enterprise customers. We also consult leadership teams on strategic, management, operational, and technology initiatives for the business.

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