Interact & Incentivize

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Effectively converting customers into brand evangelists is critical to ensuring e-Commerce success. We empower our clients to reward their customers by developing personalized programs, special offers, and promotions for loyalty-program members. Well-designed loyalty programs incentivize customer behaviors (e.g. loyalty points received for reviewing and rating products) which can result in increased customer lifetime value, increased order quantity, and decreased marketing expenses. Loyalty programs lower marketing costs because acquiring new customers costs more than maintaining repeat customers. We partner with our customers to deploy engaging and impactful loyalty rewards programs across the e-Commerce ecosystem.  Contact Us for a free consultation.

Referral Rewards Programs

One of the most successful forms of driving traffic and increasing your customer base is having your existing customers promote your brand throughout their networks. We have developed proven referral rewards programs, integrations, and systems to enable our clients to maximize value value of their customers’ network.


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Affiliate Programs & Systems

We provide on-site affiliate programs to enable brand ambassadors, bloggers and distributors to register, obtain unique urls and coupon codes, drive traffic/sales to your site, and earn commissions with full self-service capabilities and reporting. We also help fuel revenue for our clients by creating and managing global affiliate programs through the largest and most reputable networks.


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Content & Blog Management

Today’s online shoppers demand meaningful and engaging content to be available to them on demand and across different channels. We provide complete content marketing capabilities through content creation and blog management. We have helped our clients of all sizes and in diverse market segments tap into this growth trend and increase customer acquisition rates. Our team of experts can consult, create, and manage your e-Commerce website’s content generation requirements.


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Personalized Experiences

Best-in-class e-Commerce brands segment their audience and use business intelligence insights to personalize the content they use to interact with customers across channels. We help our clients provide their customers with personalized experiences that are thoughtful and tailored to different types of customers. By understanding the buying process, we help maximize customer experience by ensuring a relevant and engaging buying experience. We utilize both customer data (e.g. order history, loyalty-program status, profile information) and product data (e.g. price, promotions, consumer reviews) to personalize and boost engagement.


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